We are two sisters and Hilal is our last name. Studio Hilal is a collaborative creative project that brings together the work of Zuhra and Moshtari Hilal. We create limited designs at the edge of fashion and fine art. Whether framed on the wall or draped around the neck, head, arm, hair - the decision is made by the purchaser. The current series is all about silk and visual elements borrowed from our shared childhood.

* * *

Zuhra Hilal studied fashion design. Her work is informed by her love for embroidery and textiles. Silicone, leather, plastic, her actual hair and now silk are only some of the materials she already worked with. 

Moshtari Hilal has devoted herself to the artistic path of analogue drawing. Her artistic work is shaped by the (self)portrait and family archive, with special attention given to black hair and big noses.