Mehmooni x Berlin

Mehmooni is the second collection 

of limited art prints on silk by Studio Hilal. There are four unique

designs available, printed on 90x90cm silk fabric in Como, Italy.

We offer one-time limited editions of 70 prints per design, thus making each piece a collector‘s item with  an individual collector‘s number. 

The theme of the spring 2021 collection is evolving around the experience of being invited to a Mehmooni, or hosting one yourself. 

One might remember the sight of a plate served by the lovely host, another the shared moments preparing filled dumplings while chatting along.

Mehmooni is a Farsi term for intimate and celebratory gatherings with family members, friends and food. 

We created four distinct designs, each capturing a visual memory from a Mehmooni: 

Mahi (Fish), Salata (Salad), Mantu (Dumpling) and Pamier, depicting our brother.

This Editorial was shot in Neukölln, a district in Berlin, Germany. 

Photo: Sima Dehgani/ Styling: Marquet K. Lee /

HMK: Haneen Ajub / Faces: Asma Baghdadi, Sinthujan Varatharajah, All Amin, Nemi el Hassan